Design the Special Bed for Bedsore Patients



Lee, Saik Long (2013) Design the Special Bed for Bedsore Patients. Final Year Project (Other), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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In this design project (design the special bed for bedsore patient ), I had do lot of research on the pressure in human body, the main reason is, the causes of bedsore is from the pressure whose the patient are lie on bed for long time. Beside of this some tools (special bed) are also a big scope for me to know more deep on how to prevent the bedsore which is already available in nowadays technology. The widely use in market is alternative pressure matters. In order to avoid or reduce the impact from the pressure, they have few ways to overcome the bedsore, either by taking the medicine (the related vitamin), or design the more suitable bed to the patients. From the research at the beginning stage of the project, I found that most the alternative pressure matters are not prefect enough for the use of the patients. In order to improve it, I had add in few idea to made in more efficiency to overcome the problem which from the environment, mechanical device, the useful rate of the product (need of patients) and so on as my first consideration to design the special bed. I believe the better air flow to human body (especially the back of the body) is important to prevent the bedsore. This is because the sweats are not easily to stick on patients back for long period, and hence can solve the part of the causes of the problem. On the other hand, from my research, the root of causing of bedsore is the pressure act on the back for long period. In order to solve it, the alternative pressure flow in special matters is need which can reduce the pressure to the patient back from time to time. At the end, I had design the special part of the bed, which allows the patients to make the defecation easier (made a big gap to allow the waste product flow down to the bowl). All the design is need a mechanical device as primary support to make it work smoothly.

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