A study on the effects of Smart Home Features on human comfort



Lee, Wei Jie (2011) A study on the effects of Smart Home Features on human comfort. Final Year Project (Other), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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In the near future, smart home will become essential in our daily lives. As we move along with the globalization era, our portal will also undergo tremendous changes such as introducing many new services including virtual store-front for smart home provider, technical support, online trading place and much more. As the design of smart home is based on the latest technology, the implementation of this concept will bring advancements to the Malaysian technological area. This in the further will help in the realization of the Vision 2020 Concept. A smart home is nearly fully automated and it ensures safety, security and comfort for everyone under its roof. By utilizing advance and complex technologies, life is made easier and simpler. Smart home was originally intended for the technologically inclined but now, aimed at the general public. This is because smart homes make everyday responsibilities easier and simpler, besides saving time and energy. Smart homes may prove especially convenient for those who have hecticlifestyles, aiding them in their daily house chores. Smart home product strikes the perfect balance between affordability, sophistication and superlative user friendliness. A smart home provides benefits to the home owner as it ensures the safety and security of the family members; simplify house chores and tasks and helps in efficient energy management, thus, reducing energy bills for the home. Automation helps make a smart home more convenient. Safety and security features are installed in and around the house. For example, sensors that are installed can detect a person's movement and activates a certain preset function. This would prove extremely useful when the home owner is not at home or outstation. Any sign of break-ins would be detected immediately and the alarm would be let off. A smart home aids in energy management. Consumers have the privilege of controlling their home from anywhere in the world by just using the internet. A television can be used to receive satellite transmission, browse the internet as well as act as a DVD player. High-speed and wireless internet connection will be available at home, improving mobility. Basically, there will be a local area network within the home. Just one remote control can be used to control everything from lights to security systems. All the advantages of a smart home mentioned seem to be attractive, however, how many of their value are actually perceived by people? Thus, this project is to conduct a study into the effects of smart home features on human comfort. The main content which started at chapter 2 provides a detail explanation on smart home concept, smart home devices and the benefits of smart home. It is followed by chapter 3 to introduce the research methodology and types of research method and also the explanation for the use of the questionnaire method in this project. After gathering all the survey results, data had been analysis and presented in a logical manner in chapter 4. The conclusion and recommendation had been provided in chapter 5 for the purpose of improving the usage and popularity of smart home concept in Malaysia and the most interesting area for the further study regard the Smart Home Concept apply in Malaysia

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