Women & Beauty : a Study of Women in Cosmetics Advertisements and the Social Factor Influence



Heng, Chin Xian (2019) Women & Beauty : a Study of Women in Cosmetics Advertisements and the Social Factor Influence. Final Year Project (Bachelor), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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This dissertation focused on the women image in the society and women in beauty advertisements. A study from different journals help in understanding that women’s beauty is able to be judge by their skin tone, body image, eye feature and face shape. However, these elements in women’s image are misleading by the beauty advertisements via social media. Besides, the beauty advertisements have also affected the people around women, where it makes the society having a different viewpoint towards women beauty yet, it might be a factor that influence women in their own beauty sense. The purpose of study on female respondents helps to carry out the objectives in this research via survey questionnaire of quantitative research method. The first objective which are to find out what are the different between women in advertisements and women in society, the results showed that the different on the four elements which are white skin tone, slender body image, big round eye, angular and V-shape face are always been portrayed in the beauty advertisements. In addition, the societal factors that influence women via beauty advertisements are the parental comments, a comparison among friends, job opportunity and socializing, all these factors might cause women felt insecure, depress, low self-esteem, eating disorder or even implant the minds of undergo plastic surgery. The extension from the study find out that there are still respondents actually having thought of white supremacy, where they think black skin tone is problematic. Moreover, most of the respondents have no favour to undergo plastic surgery as there are alternative way to make themselves meet the ideal beauty standards. A Cultivation theory is able to explain on the causal relation is due to a long term and repetition of viewing the unrealistic images in the beauty advertisements via media especially internet. Furthermore, the AIDA model is a strategy that used to attract audience in their products or services. With a long-term of viewing social media, people are easily drop into the ‘trap’ of advertiser. As conclude, I think that all women are beauty in their own way and should be treated equally. Thus, women should not be treated as an object to meet those beauty standards that being distorted by the beauty advertisements yet, women should live in their own way.

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