Ancient Wars



Loh, Tong Hong (2015) Ancient Wars. Final Year Project (Bachelor), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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Purpose: The purpose of conducting this final year project is to fulfil the requirement of being a student of TARUC for Bachelor of Science majoring interactive software technology. Besides that, this project is conducted to enable more in depth learning and understanding of developing a game. Scope:  Core mechanism o Our core mechanism include collision, playerinteraction, game feedback, pathfinding, obstacle detection.  Artificial Intelligence o The action and behaviour of the AI may include the skill accuracy of AI and decision making.  Skill o Each character will be given skills to be used as part of the combat  Map o game maps with different texture but most of them will have similar difficulty and obstacles  Game logic design o To design and make game logic and game rules for the game.  Item o various items with active and passive effect in our game  Level o Levels with obstacle which is interactable such as lamp post or big rock  Character design o Character will be done by obtaining asset from the unity asset store.  GUI o Ggame interface and menu design, such as character information, GUI interface, skill information, rune information, traps information and other interfaces.  Input o create input system for the game.  Networking o Networking to connect player togather for our multiplayer game mode since we’ll need more than 1 player to have multiplayer game mode.  Audio o Create and add audio for the game, such as background audio and sound effect of skill. Methodology: Prototyping is the main methodology we use in this project. There’s 3 main phase involved which is Planning This Is one of the most important phase which will figure out the project objective, requirements, contents, modules, mechanism and gameplays. Everything will be ironed out in this stage before the next stage start Implementing In this phase all author decision in planning stage will be put to work and prototype will be produced at this stage to make sure author can implement what author planned and to ensure everything worked out as desires. Testing In this phase author will focus on testing each module and the prototype as a whole to make sure that it fits the requirement and also objective of the game. Any bug or glitches will be ironed out in this stage. Optimization will also be carried out to ensure the game is playable. Development phases: Throughout the requirement analysis phase, competitor analysis and survey method is adopted to collect data to carry out sophisticated analysis regarding the user and system requirement of the game. Requirement analysis provide author with valuable insight and a clear direction to develop the game project. System design phase is then worked on right after requirement is locked down. Core components of game such as various game modules and game interface had been design in a way that actually meet the user and system requirement of the project. This is to ensure that the project will meet its user expectations. Software implementation phase of the project is mainly focus on implementing the designed modules into actual working game mechanics that govern the gameplay. Various different module is developed and integrated together to ensure they’re able to communicate among themself and also perform cross module task that is vital to the game. Software testing phase is carried out once author finish implement all the designed and planned game modules and get it to work together as a complete game. Various testing such as compatibility test and load test is done on the game to ensure quality of the game and also to identify and fix any related bug. Assessment criteria used: This component describes the various assessment areas this project has undergone. This project had undergone a number of assessment which is listed below :  Completeness o Determine if the game is feature complete  Attractiveness o Determine if the game is attractive to players  Efficiency o Determine if it work efficiently on average computer  Portability o Determine if it is easy to install and bring around  Security o Determine if it is easily exploited  Stability o Determine if it operate without crashing Results: The end product is satisfying and successful. Author had successful create a game that is playable multiplayer through the internet. The gameplay is fun and most of the proposed game modules had been implemented in the game. Besides that, author game achieve the object of this project. The strength of ancient wars is the strategic stimulating environment and interesting skill mechanism. User is provided with a wide array of skill to purchase from shop which can allow them to combo up skills in different ways they desire to achieve different effect. This greatly increase the lifespan of the game and also increase immersion. The weakness of ancient wars is it is currently hosted by client and it use peer-to-peer connection to connect to each other and play together. This approach doesn’t provide enough security and it is easily cracked. Besides that, any lag on the host side will affect everyone connected which is bad. Conclusions and Recommendations: Throughout this project, author learn the process of making a game and gain a lot of experience regarding the phases of making a good and marketable game. This will be beneficial in the future as all these knowledge can be applied in games industry to actually produce a quality game. By going through this project from scratch, author had learned a lot of knowledge regarding game logic and also game engine which again is useful when author is working in relevant field. Improvement can be made by issuing patches to current project. There’s still space for improvement in terms of game content such as monsters, game skills, in game items and also the multiplayer features. Lobby can be implemented in the future to make finding lobby easier. Other than that, friend feature can also be introduce to allow player to make friends with other player instead of forgetting them after having a great time playing together

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