Wong, Yee Xuan (2016) Lerps. Final Year Project (Bachelor), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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Purpose : The project was carried out in order to fulfill the requirement for Bachelor of Computer Science in Interactive Software Technology. This project mainly about a game called Lerps, a first-person co-op puzzle game. The story goes with 2 young adventurer named Nelson and Evan. The game consists of total 10 levels, each level was designed uniquely. The purpose of the game is to train the player’s logic, puzzle solving and mainly the communication skill with another player, because in some case, player will face a lot of challenge whereby they need to work together in order for proceeding. Scope : Lerps is a first person co-op puzzle adventure game where 2 players are required to play the game. Lerps contain 10 unique levels with unique puzzle design, 3 types of puzzles which involved the environment puzzle, Maze Wall, and Switch Bulb. Other than that, it also included 2 types of interaction gun which is Lerp Gun and Point Gun, and 1 procedural environment horror sound generating AI. The Lerp Gun is for solving environment puzzle such as travelling between Lerp Wall and Point Gun is for solving and interacting with the Maze Wall and Switch Bulb. Methodology : The development methodology applied was the Waterfall Model, which the design document will be prepared before the development of the end product. Development phases : First, the project proposal was prepared. The project proposal is a document which the project team used to pitch their idea to the project supervisor. After the idea is approved by the project supervisor, the next task is to prepare the Chapter 1, which is an introduction for the project itself. Next, Project Specification and Game Treatment will be included in Chapter 1. Task followed up next is preparing the Chapter 2, Chapter 2 will be a research document that research about GUI and decide the GUI element that will be used in the project. Then, Chapter 3 will be prepared for the progress. Chapter 3 is a detailed version of Game Treatment which called Game Script. After that, the project team will start to develop the prototype product, after the prototype product is finished, Chapter 4 which is Testing and Result need to be prepared for recording the testing result by use back Test Plan prepared on Chapter 3. After Chapter 4 and running final system test with project supervisor, the next document that the project team had to prepare was draft thesis. Lastly, the final thesis, and submit to project supervisor. Assessment criteria used : Test plan has been designed to test the functionality and compatibility of the core game mechanics and to ensure it working on every level. Results : The end product passed the final system test and met the satisfy level of requirement. However, there are some bug like the lerp animation which still remain unsolved due to lack of developing experience and the skill needed, which why the project team still need a lot of experiences and have room for improvement. The main strength of the game will be the game are designed in a way that it is able to train the player’s puzzle solving skill, logic thinking, and communication skill. Main weakness of the game will be not allow the game run in offline LAN, lacking of element that may improve the player’s experience for example particle system in unity that can do many things. Conclusions and Recommendations : After finished the project, the author learnt the importance of having a well and detailed document before heading into development phases for software development or game development. Other than that, the author also learnt that it is a must to learn more about the optimization for game engine because with optimization, the game are able to run at lower-end device and increase the market, also enhancing the gaming experience for the player by applying the image effect. Future improvement would be focusing on improving the graphic, update the GUI for the game, and optimization for game and improvement for animation.

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