Prototype Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train



Chu, Weng Hong (2012) Prototype Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train. Final Year Project (Other), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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The project is combination of software and hardware applications to realise the function of maglev train. Meaning that the train is function without the wheels and it is levitate by the magnetic force and magnetic fields. The hardware part of the project includes the permanent magnets which are used to levitate the prototype of maglev train, station sensing device which is infrared sensor, motor and microcontroller (PICI 6F877A) and its corresponding connection circuits. As we known, the permanent magnets will attract each other as they are same poles while the magnets will repel each other as they are different poles. To let the prototype maglev train act like actual maglev train, the magnets between the track and the train are having same poles facing each others. Therefore the train is levitated since like poles repel due to the magnetic fields and the magnetic force. The software part of the project consists of microcontroller which is programmed by using MPLAB. The program is coded to let the motor of the train stop when the infrared sensor is detected the railway sign board before the train station. Besides that, the further the distance between the motor's fan and the body of the train causes the fan produced larger force to accelerate the train. Moreover, the train also can be accelerated by reducing the mass of the train due to the inertia. This is because the larger the mass, the more reluctant for the train to change in its state of rest or motion.

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