Design Experimental, Modelling Of Fluid Friction Measurement (Design And Experimentation)



Lee, Chan Yik (2012) Design Experimental, Modelling Of Fluid Friction Measurement (Design And Experimentation). Final Year Project (Other), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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Lee Chan
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This project involves primarily the design, fabrication and experimental on the fluid friction being occurred along in the piping system while incompressible fluid to pass through it. The main objectives and purpose of doing these projects is to allow the detailed study of the fluid friction head losses occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, bends, valves and pipe flow metering devices such as orifice meters and venturi meter. By doing the experiment of fluid friction, it helps to understand the knowledge of fluid friction between an incompressible fluids flowing through a solid surface. During the progress of every experiment, the necessary information will be taken is objective, description of apparatus, theoretical background, related equation and principle, experiment procedure, data analysis, explanation and plot graph. Besides that, the comparison or analysis is needed to be done due to this is a modeling fluid friction measurement apparatus. While running the fluid friction measurement apparatus, the water flow condition can able to obtain by visually show either whether it is under laminar, turbulent or stable condition. Firstly, literature search and theory definition has been carried out in advance in order to get the concept for fabricating a fluid friction measurement apparatus as a modeling apparatus and to analyze the actual size of the existing apparatus available currently. Furthermore, research on raw material used is carried out to identify the suitable type and dimension of material for the fabrication. In addition, finding a suitable supplier to provide affordable price of material and also make-to-order for some particular fitting and pipe flow meter devices. Once the research is accomplished, the design or modeling of the fluid friction measurement apparatus is being carried out. There are few designs have been changed and some modification to be made after discuss with supervisor due to the inappropriate size designation and the material selection were taken. After the designing process is completed, the purchasing of material is then carried out. The material selection for the fluid friction measurement apparatus is discussed in detail before purchasing the material to avoid any problems occurring during the fabrication process. After the materials have been purchased, the fabrication will do. Lastly, experimental is carried on while the fabrication is completed. The discussion and analysis is required to be done for the detailed understanding of the fluid friction measurement apparatus. For the further detailed explanation and information of this apparatus are shown throughout the dissertation.

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