The Design and Simulation of Disc Brakes



Er, Hauchong (2012) The Design and Simulation of Disc Brakes. Final Year Project (Other), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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The project is about the design and simulation of dick brakes. The software name CA TIA was used to design and simulation of CATIA. In this design, Mitsubishi MIR-24 is used as a model reference for design. Before start designing, I am required to acquire necessary dimensioning of all components inside disc brakes. After that, part designing on each component is to be done by using the CAT IA software. An assembly design is follow after all components had successfully designed. The assembly design function is to combine every component together to become a product. Now, the finishing product from assembly design is now imported into DMU kinematic to start simulation. Further on, a series of calculation will be perform to calculate on the disc effective radius, kinetic energy, brake force, brake time, deceleration, dynamic axle and so on. After that, a Finite Element Analysis is done on individual part name disc. This is to test whether the disc is able to withstand the pressure during braking. All of this can be done inside the generative structure analysis workbench which located inside CAT IA. At the end of report, the problem faces and how to solve the problem is explain. Other than that, there will also be some discussion in further improvement that possible to be done and finally a conclusion.

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